Progesterone Supplementation Change Package

Shared learning from Ohio’s Progesterone Promotion Project was instrumental in the creation of the Progesterone Supplementation Change Package. This Change Package offers resources and tools to reduce preterm birth using the key drivers employed in the Ohio Progesterone Project to assure timely administration of progesterone.  It includes tools for:​

  • Promoting early access to prenatal care
  • Consistent early recognition of women with prior preterm birth                                                                                             
  • Adopting a cervical length ultrasound screening protocol
  • Expediting progesterone supplementation
  • Customizing care to maintain women on progesterone

You can download your own electronic copy here, or email us at and request a printed copy. Please share with your colleagues and hospital administration. Thanks, from Ohio Medicaid, Ohio Department of Health and OPQC to all who contributed to the success of the project and your continued commitment to improving the outcomes of Ohio’s babies.

Carole Lannon, MD, MPH                             Jay Iams, MD

Collaborative Science Lead                          Obstetrics Clinical Lead