NAS Project Action & Sustain Period Calls

Sustain Period Call Slides (2017 - Present)

June 2018:  NAS Project Accomplishments & Moving Upstream:  MOMS+

March 2018:  NAS Legislative Updates

December 2017: Alternative Sites of Care for NAS Infants

September 2017: NAS Care At and After Discharge

March 2017:  Is Your Team Sustaining Your Gains?

Action Period Call Slides (2014 - 2016)

December 2016:  Orchestrated Testing Data Analysis

November 2016: Sustainability - Do You Have a Plan?

October 2016: Overview from the Learning Session

July 2016: High Reliability of Formula Compliance

January 2016: The Year in Review - 2015

October 2015: Fall Learning Session Recap/Kick-off of NAS Phase-2

July 2015: Orchestrated Testing

June 2015: Onwards and Upwards: Next Steps for the NAS OPQC Project

May 2015: Improving Attitudes/MOMS Project Update

April 2015: Follow Up Care for NAS Infants

March 2015: Breastfeeding the NAS Infant -Challenges and Benefits

February 2015: Building on Collaboration from the Learning Session: Moving Forward

December 2014: Focus: Upcoming Learning Session

November 2014: Community Resources

October 2014: Educational Resources for Parents and Families Affected by Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

September 2014: Legal and Practical Issues in Screening and Testing for Drug Use in Pregnancy

August 2014: Lessons Learned in Implementing the Pharmacological Bundle for Morphine or Methadone

July 2014: Applying Concepts from "The Improvement Guide" to work on the NAS Project

May 2014: The Pharmacological Bundle in the OPQC Protocol

April 2014: Completion of the Data Collection Tool; Definitions and Measures/Q&A

March 2014: Non-Pharmacological Treatment for the NAS Infant; guest presenter Dr. Bonny Whalen, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

February 2014: Data Collection Tool Testing/Journey to Improved NAS Scoring

Recruitment Cohort 2 (Level II) Prework Slides

4/8/14: Learning Network Activities and Process/Understanding Addiction as a Chronic Disease

5/13/14: Finnegan Scoring, Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Bundles in the OPQC NAS Protocol

6/3/14: Putting it all Together for the Learning Session/Overview of QI Framework